Towards globalized intelligence testing:(AID) - Professor Klaus D. Kubinger

Prof. emerit. Klaus D. Kubinger (University of Vienna, Division of Psychological Assessment and Applied Psychometrics) gave a talk in the Graduate Centre on the 30 May 2013, on invitation of the School of Psychology in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing. You can see his talk below and Question and Answer session below:

Prof. Kubinger aims to develop globalized intelligence testing. After a general introduction to psychometric testing, he talked about the intricacies of including culture-specific, local knowledge items into versions of his Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum (AID2) in different languages, such as German, Turkish, English and Japanese. In the Question and Answer (Q & A) session it is discussed why intelligence testing cannot be limited to non-verbal, fluid intelligence, but that intelligence is also a test-of-life which varies in different cultures and languages. Prof. Kubinger collaborates with Dr. Lange-Küttner of the School of Psychology on the development of spatial boundary conceptualization and intelligence in children.