London Met hosts first ever Pro Bono Law Fair

Pro Bono Law Fair gives law students an opportunity to put their degree into practice.

Date: 01 April 2015

The Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law hosted the first ever Law School Careers/Pro-Bono Fair for London Met students.

The event took place on 10 March in Calcutta House. Over 200 students attended and contributing organisations included Urban Lawyers, the Government Legal Service, Islington Law Centre, Toynbee Hall, CILEX, Island Advice Centre and Victim Support. 

John Jupp, senior lecturer at the Faculty, said: “This was our first law-specific event of this nature and we plan now to build on its success and hold similar events in November 2015 and March 2016, working in collaboration with the Placements and Employability Unit, Careers Services and Mansfield Student Law Society." 

The event was very successful, receiving a satisfaction score of 100%. The student feedback was positive, with many praising the event, and asking for more events like this.

"It was very helpful and educative", one student said. “Organisations really seemed to be interested in us.”

London Met's Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law offers a unique service of assisting students to apply for valuable work experience with a range of pro bono opportunities within a variety of organisations.

In conjunction with the Careers team and the Placements and Employability Unit, the pro bono opportunity allows prospective graduates to engage in work experience and use their legal skills.  

The Pro Bono scheme works out so that students work with organisations to provide legal services, assist with research and training.

“Here at the Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law we encourage our students to get involved in all activities that will increase their employability chances when they graduate”, added John.

“Getting involved in the Pro Bono scheme allows our law students to put what they learn in the classroom to practice.”



Students greeting employers at the law fair