Power to the people

The Cass Lecturer collaborates with non-profit organisation People of the Sun in Malawi to empower local artisans.

Date: 26 February 2013

Rentaro Nishimura, who teaches furniture and product design students at The Cass, collaborated with non-profit organisation People of the Sun in Malawi on a project to to empower local artisans via Design.

Inspired by indigenous basket-weaving techniques of Malawi, Rentaro designed CONE, two nesting stools where basket making becomes structural, practical, modern and a means to fight poverty.

CONE is made by rural Malawian artisans using local ilala palm leaves and natural dyes from local trees. It uses a double curvature to derive its strength.

The project is part of the “Being Inspired and Inspirational” series, by People of the Sun, a non-profit organisation in Malawi aiming to improve the livelihoods of rural artisans via Craft & Design. “Being Inspired and Inspirational” is about creative synergies between international designers and local artisans in Malawi.

Image: Cone by Rentaro Nishimura

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Designer website rentaro.co.uk
Project website people-ofthesun.org