Pilot classrooms: what our students said

Our students tell us their thoughts on the new pilot classrooms.

Date: 22 June 2017

In March 2017 London Met launched two vibrant pilot classrooms at Holloway campus in the lead-up to the establishment of new teaching and learning spaces in January 2018 known as the ‘C Block’ project. These are exciting times for London Met and such projects make up a wider part of the University’s plans to enhance and transform the classroom experience as part of One Campus, One Community (OCOC).

Holloway campus pilot classrooms

In November 2016 speaking face-to-face with over 300 students, we asked our student community to tell us what they wanted to see included in the plans for teaching and learning facilities launching in early 2018. What mattered most to our students was group work space, spaciousness, modern design, and the use of 'lots of colour'. Students also called for more up-to-date technology and outlets for laptops and phones to be incorporated into the C Block work.

In response to this London Met created the brand new pilot classrooms incorporating the ideas of students into the room layouts. Located at the Holloway campus in rooms T1-20 and TM1-45, these pilot rooms are kitted out with Avocor VIVIDtouch interactive touchscreen technology to facilitate the wide variety of teaching styles at our University, as well as modern, colourful and configurable furniture.

Of course, we wanted to consult our students on these new layouts in preparation for the teaching and learning spaces launching this year so we asked our respondents to tell us what they liked about the pilot classrooms and how they felt the spaces could be improved. Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive with respondents making very constructive suggestions to further enhance the spaces.

What students told us

Students were particularly fond of the multi-screens which have been installed to make onscreen presentations more accessible from every angle of the room. Students were also excited about the new innovative technology that had been introduced with the installation of the large Avocor touchscreens. Excitement was expressed about the new furniture layout which according to our respondents had the bonus of being extremely comfortable. One student said: “The room is excellent. I would love if all rooms at the University were designed this way!”

London Met has certainly heard and answered. Our furniture supplier will now propose the furniture design for C Block specifically based on what students have told us is important to them. The University’s Information and Technology Service (ITS) are now also basing the plans for technology in our new teaching and learning spaces on student feedback.

London Met has big plans for the new teaching and learning facilities as demonstrated in the plans for C Block and the proposals for the establishment of a new teaching and learning centre at our Holloway campus.

To see more of what London Met has in store for our future Islington-based campus view our One Campus, One Community flythrough video.

Picture of pilot classroom TM1-45 layout

What do you think?

The design work is being done with you in mind and so we want your feedback!

Tell us what you think about the project and its design and what you’d like to see in classes by joining the conversation on our Community Google+ group.