Success through a lens

End of year exhibitions, international recognition and more for photography class of 2020.

The academic year has culminated with a number of successes for students of photography at London Metropolitan University’s School of Art, Architecture and Design

Work by graduating Photography BA student Stefani Stoyanova was selected for inclusion in Pupil Sphere , a curated exhibition of 45 artists around the world . The featured project Mimesis also won best portfolio at the school’s own photography awards. 

Mimesis is a series of photographs that examines notions of masculinity and suggests looking at gender stereotypes from a contemporary perspective. Inspired by Greek mythology, the project questions our perception of the feminine and masculine side of the male. It explores these ideas through dance and body movement. It also aims to test theories in which repetition and imitation are seen as existing parts that shape an individual and see masculinity as a form of performance not just as a set of traits inherited biologically. 

Both Mimesis by Stefani Stoyanova and Glow and image by BA Fashion Photography student Sam Davies were selected for inclusion in the Shutter Hub Yearbook 2020,  a collective exhibition promoting the skill and talent of 200 Photographers including graduates and professionals across the world. 100 of the images will be included in a printed publication going out to industry specialists and agencies and four photographers will be awarded Yearbook awards by Shutter Hub’s exhibition partners Ben, exposure Photography Festival, and Newspaper Club.  

There has been success at all levels. First year BA Photography students Arturs Viksner and Maciej Kowalewski from Year One have had their collaborative work chosen for inclusion in Landor Associates' Dark London book publication. The stunning image will appear although the publication has been delayed due to the Pandemic. Year Two student Egle Griniute’s darkly humorous and beautifully made work was shortlisted for the EIZO Student Awards 2020. Images by Mina Boromand and Aaron Galway, also from second year, for which was included in an exhibition last year called 'Summer in Aldgate' are now being installed by the Leyden Gallery in Aldgate.

As well as being exhibited on the Londonmet summer show LIVENESS , BA students worked with staff to design and curate and publish an exhibition of their own which attracted hundreds to its opening event .  Seven of these graduating students’ work appears in the SOURCE Magazine 2020 Graduation exhibition. . The student work from the final year also appears on the website of the AOP (Association of Photographers) , the not for profit trade body who accredit the University’s photography courses. 

To conclude the year staff were delighted to learn that the BA (Hons) Photography course scored 90% overall student satisfaction in the 2020 National Student Survey (NSS), one of the top-ranking courses in the institution. And the 2020 celebrations are not quite over yet- a new student-led Fashion Photography Magazine called EIGHT will be released in print and digital editions this autumn featuring portfolios from the school’s Fashion Photography students. Watch this  (very creative) space!

Image: Detail from photograph in Mimesis series by Stefani Stoyanova

man leans forward his back and shoulder to the camera