Peter Marigold and Graduates

Leading designer invites graduates of BA Furniture and Product Design to exhibit with him during the capital’s biggest annual celebration of design.

Date: 10 September 2020

Peter Marigold, renowned designer and Visiting Professor in Design and Entrepreneurialism at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, has selected twelve graduates he has taught on the BA Furniture and Product Design course to exhibit alongside him at an exhibition as part of London Design Festival 2020

The exhibition, titled Peter Marigold and Graduates of London Met, will take place at 31 Thurloe Place in the Brompton Design District from 12 to 20 September. The work on display includes cups, bowls, tumblers and other tableware, as well as toys, bookshelves, brolly bags, mirrors and stools. Across the work, there is a shared sensibility to - and care for - design, technique and materials.

The exhibiting alumni designers are Vanja Bazdulj, Finlo Corrin, Ray Gonzalez Brown, Julian Leedham, Nick Marschner, Ella Merriman, Anton Mikkoken, Matteo Pacella, Moe Redish, Tim Summers, Chelsea Vivash and Adam Watts.  A flexible pop-up bar, designed by students of BA Furniture and Product Design as part of a live project supported by Meantime Brewery and the American Hardwood Export Company (AHEC), has been reconfigured to create a display system to show the collected work. 

In addition to curating the show, Peter Marigold will be exhibiting work from his evolving Semi Synthetic series examining objects that are in part natural, in part synthetic, in part mass-produced, and in part handcrafted.

Talking about the exhibition, Peter said: “The small selection of graduate work shown here has been chosen from the many students I have had the pleasure to tutor while working on the Furniture and Product Design course at London Metropolitan University since 2015. The course has a historical foundation as the London College of Furniture and many of the students we accept have a strong traditional workshop-based approach to the course.

"Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed asking these students to think instead about making pasta shapes, ceramics, working with vegetables, rubbish and shadows. I have found great satisfaction in seeing their creative mentality slide into unknown territory, and often the most successful and surprising projects emerged from the most unexpected students.

"As the pandemic restrictions continue to disrupt our normal lives, I see these as similar opportunities to rethink our making and designing environments. To work in unconventional ways with unconventional materials. The graduate work shown here is mature and I know that the makers have the vital adaptability to work with whatever unknown situations we find ourselves in.”

For more information about the exhibition, the exhibiting graduates and their work, visit Peter Marigold’s website. On the evening of Thursday 17 September, there will be an opportunity to meet some of the designers at a safe social distance outside the gallery. 

Image: Wrapped Vessels by Moe Redish.


a hand tilts a white vessel and liquid runs out