Performance as Composition

Workshop using a computer-mediated performance strategy by sound performers (musicians and non-musicians).

Date: 30 September 2013

Performance as Composition is workshop using a computer-mediated performance strategy in which sound performers (musicians and non-musicians) devise and perform a coherent musical structure in real-time.

In this workshop, the composer Fergal Dowling guides participants in a computer-mediated sound performance in which musicians and non-musicians interact with a computer in the role of composer-performers to devise a musical structure in real-time. As groups of participants devise an extemporised sound performance their gestures are recorded on the fly. As the performance continues, subsequent sound-events re-trigger simultaneous replay of previously recorded performances. The combination of live sound and computer replay creates elisions, cuts, and re-orderings of the on-going temporal flow to reveal an evolving musical relationship between performers, musical material and context.

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Venue Parker Room, Commercial Road
Date and time 17 October 2013, 6-9pm


 Fergal Dowling
Fergal Dowling


 Max Patcher
Max Patcher, By Fergal Dowling

By Fergal Dowling