Marking Time… Bending Time… Saving Time… Over Time…

Time Travel probably isn't possible, we just keep on moving forward...

Anne Robinson, senior lecturer in Film Studies received a GFA award from Arts Council England and support from the Thames Festival and Royal Museums Greenwich to support The Over Time art project which enables eleven amazing contemporary artists to make ‘time pieces’ in a place that is about to change forever... on the Greenwich foreshore at Enderby’s Wharf, site of the first underwater telegraph cables.

Time Travel probably isn't possible, we just keep on moving forward, but we all experience the tick tock of passing seconds and minutes in different ways. Time can be elastic and sometimes art can stop us in our tracks. This project is a way to explore time in a place that is already marked by time, by the natural rhythms of weather and tides, the marks of our London ancestors, of industrial heritage and the rapid progress of city development. The performances and durational works took place over the weekend of 13th and 14th September, including the morse/lights/projection Calling All by The International Western. This was followed by an exhibition at The Stephen Lawrence Gallery in the Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich which is running until 16th October and a day of performances in the National Maritime Museum and Queen’s House on Sunday 26th October – all are welcome.

In addition to her London Met role, Anne is a visual artist and curator based at Limehouse Arts Foundation where she curated the 'One More Time' project and Supernormal Festival. There is an exciting list of artists taking part who are working in sound, painting, animation, performance and film: Ella Finer, Rachel Gomme, Ian Thompson, Charlie Fox, Sarah Sparkes, Victoria Gray, Katharine Fry and Gavin Maughling, Jo David and Birgitta Hosea, all of whom have internationally established reputations in their various fields. You can find out more about the project, view some great images and read about the artists at The Over Time art project.

You can also email for more details.

View of London