Operation Edna

Deej Fabyc has curated and will be performing in ‘Operation Edna’, a live, multimedia art event exploring shelter and ageing proudly.

Date: 21 May 2021

Deej Fabyc, who teaches on the Fine Art BA at The School of Art, Architecture and Design, has curated and will be performing in Operation Edna, a unique live art experience curated and presented by both FBI+ and Live-Art Ireland

Taking place Sunday 23 May via Zoom, the live, multimedia performance will see eight artists – five from Tipperary, Ireland, and three from the UK – interweaving stories about objects and places of shelter, and living a long life adventurously, exploring the ideas of shelter and ageing proudly.

Attendees can expect to see a mixture of storytelling, live sound art, live art, live architecture and dance. Deej will be weaving film and live art together to develop new live, online iterations on the overarching theme of the event.

Book your ticket for the event, and have a watch of this video promotion.


FBI+ are Deej Fabyc, Penelope Best, Danielle Imara and Sarah Andrew. Fabyc's risk-taking live and video art, Best's dance psychotherapy, Imara's outsiders' experience and interactive music tech, plus Andrew's work around fine art and the law are a powerful mix.