One and Other

New exhibition co-curated by Cass Students examines the duality in persona created by our virtual presence on digital platforms.

Using a selection of works from the Zabludowicz Collection, One and Other has been co-curated by Curating the Contemporary MA students Angela Pippo and Caterina Avataneo.

Curated in collaboration with students from Chelsea College of Art, the exhibition explores the duality which emerges from the daily performing of a persona other than ourselves, using the concept of the stage as a metaphor to investigate this concept.

Drawing a parallel between the dynamic of an actor and their performed role onstage and our relationship to our projected personas on social media platforms, One and Other questions the permanence of our identity, what influences it, the multiple shapes it takes and our relationship towards the other self.

The curatorial team said: "Self-identity has been questioned and explored constantly throughout the history of culture; it has been a clear generative force for much of the creativity in the world.

“Self-portraiture used to be the way artists explored their own selves, but the world keeps changing. Technology evolves furiously, people’s desires transform constantly. In this context, our virtual presence in digital platforms forces our identity to divide itself into who we are in reality and who we perform to be.”

Produced collaboratively over a period of three months, the exhibition was selected from over 3000 works from the Zabludowicz Collection and brings together some of the most significant artists in contemporary art, including Cécile B. Evans and Isa Genzken. This will also be the first time work by Turkish artist Ferhat Özgür has been shown from the collection.

The exhibition is part of the Zabludowicz Collection’s Testing Ground for Art and Education, an annual season offering creative and professional development opportunities for emerging artists and curators. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public programme of events, curator-led tours and family workshops.

One and Other runs from 19 January to 26 February 2017 at the Zabludowicz Collection.

Image: Ed Atkins, Still from No one is more WORK than me, 2014, Courtesy: Ed Atkins and Cabinet Gallery London