Local sixth former redevelops the ‘black box’ at London Met

Minaj Chowdhury’s six week research project with the School of Computing was selected for display at Imperial College London.

Date: 24 November 2015

London Metropolitan University teamed up with the Nuffield Foundation to provide a six week research placement for local students in further education. Minaj Chowdary from Bow School worked with the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing under aviation safety expert Professor Igor Schagaev.

The two worked together on a research project about aeroplane black boxes, examining how to make them smaller and more mechanically and thermally resilient.

With guidance from Professor Schagaev, Minaj developed ideas around different types of heat and how it could be managed as well as thinking about different shapes that could be used for the black box.

Minaj completed the six week placement by translating his research into a scientific poster to get the complete experience of how scientists across the world present their findings.

His poster was chosen for display by the Nuffield Foundation who sponsor the research placement and was on show the awards evening at Imperial College on Thursday 5 November.

Minaj’s research won him a Nuffield Research Placement Certificate.

Emma Newall, Nuffield Coordinator who was presenting the certificate said, “well done, I was very impressed with your piece of research.

“You have demonstrated a very good understanding of the subject matter and provided a critical evaluation of the problem you were investigating. It was an interesting look at the potential of black box technology."

Every year the Nuffield Foundation places over 1000 A2 level students across the country to work with world leading academics in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.


Minaj presents his poster at Imperial College