Mudchute Making Workshop

Second year undergraduate architecture students participated in a 4 day 1:1 making workshop at Mudchute Farm.

From 6-10 February 2017, second year architecture students worked off-site at Mudchute Park and Farm on a 1:1 scale making workshop as part of their technology module. The year group was divided into four workshops, each with a different theme of manual making and different set of hand tools. These included:

  • Pallets - the disassembly of timber pallets to provide raw materials for a two-story structural timber system.
  • SuperAdobe - a form of earth bag construction but using compressed wood chip in woven polypropylene bags, built up in consecutive layers to form a domed structure.
  • Bamboo - small diameter bamboo canes were connected to form a geodesic dome structure with infilled panels.
  • Timber - construction of a plywood deck and timber sawhorses was undertaken in order to complete a 2/3 finished traditional, hardwood doweled, timber frame structure.