More out and about on the Austin Estate, Hayes

The studio won funding to host a further series of events.

Date: 16 February 2014

Following Architecture Studio 3's successful series of events in December 2013, the studio won funding to host a further series of events along with Hillingdon Play Association at the Austin Estate, Hayes.

This is the second of a series of three events to develop their 'Conversation Kits' - furniture size objects to initiate 'conversations' with residents.  

The events that are a result of the previous interactions with the 'Conversation Kits' inlclude:

  • 'Austin Estate's Band' - A roaming band of instruments made by Austin Estate residents
  • 'Austin's Jukebox' - Record requests will be collected to play on Hayes FM 
  • 'Austin's Noticeboard' - A physical and virtual noticeboard for the Austin Community
  • 'Mobile Storytelling' - with Hayes Library
  • 'Gardening Workshop' - with a gardening expert
  • 'Photographer's Studio' - Portraits of Austin Residents

These events inform the brief for the a new community space on the Austin Estate, to be designed by Architecture Studio 3 next Semester.

The events are being held jointly with Hillingdon Play Association, and have been funded by a Hillingdon Community Trust grant.

Studio 3 is the Live Projects Studio, this year continuing work in Hayes on the Austin Estate. 

The events form part of a series which started last academic year.

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Dates: Sat 8 February 1:15pm to 3:15pm and Tue 18 February 12-3pm
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Part of: Made in Hayes
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