Making Art Theatrical

Jacek Ludwig Scarso discusses his latest research in new short documentary

Date: 21 November 2019

Within this new video, Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Reader in Art and Performance and course leader for Theatre and Film BA, discusses his research on the limits of theatre and reality, and the relationship between nature and theatricality.

He uses examples of people in everyday life as characters in a play, the environment as a set, and human interactions as choreography.

Jacek said: “Over the years I have been fascinated by live performance, by staging a fictional world. As I have continued to work on this premise, I’ve realised that it’s not so much drama or plays that I’m interested in, but in what it means to make something theatrical, to be theatrical.”

During summer 2019, Jacek worked in Hong Kong to explore these avenues of research, which was done in collaboration with the British Council. 


Jacke Ludwig Scarsco in Hong Kong sitting on a set of stairs