London Met's Christmas Market returns

Journalism students Gabriela Yorgova and Sara Scheeres headed to the festive market to speak to some of the University's makers and creators about their products.

Date: 6 December 2021

London Met's annual Christmas market is an opportunity for students to gain exposure for their small businesses, and for customers to buy specially selected, handmade and often unusual gifts for the holiday season.

This year the market showcased a variety of fantastic gift items that are personalised and handmade, from jewellery and art to books and clothing on 5 December, with goods still available to buy online on the Christmas market's website.

Included are fantastic gifts such as paintings, prints, books, handmade jewellery, t-shirts, candles and soaps, providing some students with their first taste of the business world.

We met some of the entrepreneurs and explore their businesses.

Freddy F Fonseca, Heart of Swine book packs

The author of Heart of Swine said the event was a great opportunity to meet new people, show off products and introduce them to customers. Her novel, written under her pen name Freddy F Fonseca, is dystopian science fiction and is currently available at Waterstones and other outlets.

Freddy's stand was Christmas-themed, with obligatory Christmas music playing in the background. She offered customers a gift pack that includes her book, as well as items related to the story. The visitors of her stand were able to scan a QR code that will redirect them to a game, that will provide additional entertainment.

Sendi Bruma, Rad Resin

Sendi Bruma, 28, is an London Met illustration and animation student, who makes intricately made items fashioned from resin. She first fell in love with resin when assisting a friend of hers who builds tables made of resin and wood. She then began experimenting with different designs and style.

Sendi makes keychains, trays, and bookmarks, among other items. Her aim is to be a luxury brand, and keeps the design soft within a colour palette of neutrals and baby pink and baby blue, with gold flakes throughout for some extra pizzazz. She hopes to one day make resin and wood tables as her friend does.

The entrepreneurs have attended classes for marketing and presentation of their products on the market both online and on site through the Accelerator, London Met's business incubator. 

three people behind a Christmas themed stall