London Met teams up with Royal Institution

For the third year running London Metropolitan University joins the Royal Institution to present Maths and Engineering Masterclasses for local 12-16 year olds

Date: 28 January 2015

Last Saturday saw the first of 2015’s Maths and Engineering Masterclasses presented by London Metropolitan University academics with the Royal Institution.

The Masterclasses bring together groups of gifted and talented local children, aged 12-16, engaging them in six different classes in maths or engineering.

The classes introduce participants to areas of the subjects “which they have never been exposed to in the classroom,” said maths Masterclass Professor Mikis Stasinopoulos.

Engineering Professor Saeed Reza Taghizadeh describes the Masterclasses as bringing “an opportunity to experience life in university, from the environment to style of teaching and teachers, to seeing advanced laboratories and of course the opportunity of working in a team to develop an engineering product.”

Running over seven weeks, London Met staff and Royal Institution academics will present six lectures per subject, three from each institution.

Students can expect to learn about the practical application of maths in classes on statistical modelling, matrices and dynamical systems. Engineering students will have the opportunity to understand how devices such as their mobile phones, radios, robots and computer networks work and what enables them to perform their task.

Proud to continue the relationship with Royal Institution, London Met’s Professor Taghizadeh commented: “There is absolutely no doubt that all staff involved in running the Masterclasses enjoy this experience enormously.

“They feel greatly honoured to be involved in providing an opportunity for a group of young students to experience life in university hoping that the experience will help them to make the right decision for their future education career.”

Diane Crann, Masterclass Programme Manager at The Royal Institution, said: “We’re incredibly proud to be working once again with London Met on our Mathematics and Engineering Masterclass Programme. The support and enthusiasm from the undergraduate Ambassadors makes such amazing addition to the experience gained by the students attending the sessions.

“We’re sure that many of the 300 young people who will have gone through the doors of the University over the last three years will be inspired to go on to study these sciences to a high level.”

The Masterclasses run on Saturdays until 14 March 2015 and will be held at London Metropolitan University’s Holloway Campus.


Three students in a maths masterclass at the Royal Institution