"London Met was one of the best choices of my life"

Graduating in London was a long-held dream of Veronica Bucciacchio's, who this week is achieving just that as she collects a Sports and Exercise Science BSc.

Date: 3 August 2021

For Veronica Bucciacchio, graduating this week with a Sport and Exercise Science BSc, studying at London Met meant finding a supportive community.

"I will never forget it," she says. "The best thing about studying here was the lovely and helpful atmosphere fostered by the teachers, staff and my classmates. I’ve had an amazing education, and learnt unforgettable things thanks to this undergraduate experience."

Being in the capital city, too, offered a major advantage because of the range of employment on offer for ambitious students and graduates who want to focus on their careers, as well as the multicultural nature of the city.

"The job opportunities this city can offer to everyone were the best thing about studying and living in London," says Veronica.

"I consider my experience unique because I have met wonderful people from all the countries and I have experienced different kinds of lifestyles. You can learn new things from everyone. It was remarkable for me to improve my communication, management and research skills year after year."

Asked what she would tell students currently deciding where to study, she said, "I would advise future students to choose London Met, because for me, it was one of the best choices of my life.

"I feel so proud of myself, it was one of my dreams to graduate in London and I am so excited I have realised it, finally. If you never give up you will achieve your goals in life!"

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