London Met scientist explains link between processed meat and cancer

Dr Abdollah Ghavami appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss new report from World Health Organisation.

Date: 29 October 2015

Food science lecturer Dr Abdollah Ghavami has appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss how processed meat can affect health.

Dr Ghavami is an expert in food science and nutrition at London Met, and was commenting in response to a new warning issued by the World Health Organisation around the link between processed meat and bowel cancer.

Speaking to Channel 5’s Catherine Jones in London Met’s world-leading ‘Superlab’, Dr Ghavami explained the science behind the new health warning.

Part of the problem, according to Dr Ghavami, is the chemicals added to meats to help preserve them.

“What’s happening is we’re adding something called potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate as preservatives to help extend the shelf-life of the meat itself,” explaind Dr Ghavami. “But these preservatives can form chemical compounds in the body when they’ve been consumed as meat that can potentially cause cancer.”

Dr Ghavami often appears in the media to provide expert comment on food science and nutrition. 

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