London Met rises in Times University rankings for Social Inclusion and Teaching Quality

London Met ranked within top 50% of universities for social inclusion, and among top 10 for teaching quality and student experience.

Date: 18 September

London Met is one the best universities in the country for teaching quality, student experience and social inclusion, the Times Good University Guide 2024 has revealed.

The university was ranked 9th out of 129 for teaching quality, 10th for student experience, and also featured in the top quarter, 27th out of 115, for social inclusion – an increased jump of 10 places this year.

“It's rewarding to see consistent recognition of our dedication to enhancing diversity in higher education. Our outstanding scores in teaching and student experience are a testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff and faculty. These rankings not only highlight our achievements but also guide us on areas needing further attention,” Julie Hall, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, commented.

London Met’s strategic intention to foster and improve diversity within the sector is central to future plans, as reflected in all recent rankings.

Inclusive student focus

London Met places a strong emphasis on social inclusion. The diverse cultures and communities represented in the student body, combined with the university's significant investment in this area, contribute to the positive outcomes observed.

The Times is the latest publication to evaluate the performances of higher education institutions for different aspects of student life. Elsewhere, The Guardian and The Daily Mail have shared similar analyses which highlight the positive uptick in London Met’s teaching and student support frameworks.

Julie added: “Recognition from the latest National Student Survey (NSS) survey, along with these recent observations that our strategies are working from top tier media outlets, is very positive. We’re optimistic and confident in the direction we’re taking, and will continue to strive for teaching excellence and equality across the board.”

"London Met's corporate strategy prioritises student experience. The recent improvements in student experience, social inclusion, and teaching quality reflect the university's dedicated efforts towards underrepresented communities. This includes a strong commitment to race equity, as detailed in the ongoing strategic plan. Furthermore, the positive outcomes underscore the effectiveness of the 'Student Success' element of the Strategic Plan.



Graduating London Met students

London Met places a strong emphasis on social inclusion.