London Met professor chairs innovative 5G conference

The conference was organised in conjunction with the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Date: 06 February 2020

Professor Bal Virdee, Professor Bal Virdee, who lectures in wireless communications technology at London Met, recently chaired the 7th annual conference on 5G mobile technology at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

The conference featured a panel of industry experts, academics, policymakers, CTOs and regulators (see list below) involved in developing this pioneering mobile technology. It gave participants an insight into the future of mobile technology and the impact that 5G will have on the UK’s digital economy.

Professor Bal Virdee said: “Over the last seven years, 5G has become a reality. The purpose of this conference was to celebrate the launch of 5G technology in the UK. In fact, in the UK this technology was launched last year by all four mobile networks. 

“This technology is faster, more stable, and more versatile than existing 4G technology. It will be the backbone for the fourth industrial revolution and revolutionize wireless communications. 5G will make a big impact on many technologies such as immersive gaming, autonomous driving, augmented reality and many other applications.”

The one-day event focused on systems, standards and policies required to bring 5G to market. It included informative talks by industry professionals, UK government, CTOs and professors, who covered a range of topics, including 5G network architecture, 5G for transport, 5G for automotive, and UK Government support for the 5G revolution.

All previous talks on 5G technology are available online to view at The presentations are by people shaping this technology and including policymakers, network providers, manufacturers and researchers. The presentations provide a historical perspective on how this technology has evolved year on year.

Bal Virdee and other speakers at the conference

The speakers at the conference included:

Prof Bal Virdee, Chair RF and Microwave TPN

Prof Mike Short CBE. Mike is Chief Scientific Adviser in the Department for International Trade. Federico Boccardi, Principal Technology Advisor, OFCOM

Prof Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT

Ed King, Principal Architect, BBC

Ben Grubb, Head of Programme Strategy and Engagement, 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme, DCMS

Dr Dritan Kaleshi, Head of 5G, Digital Catapult

Dr Reza Karimi, Director, Huawei Technology

Prof Dimitra Simeonidou, Director of Smart Internet Lab, University of Bristol

Dr Kafil Ahmed, RF Design Lead, Network Rail