London Met lecturer offers guidance in wake of Paris terrorist attacks

Two weeks on from the terrorist attacks in Paris, France is now reflecting on its approaches to counter-terrorism and tackling extremism.

Date: 20 January 2015

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Dr Robert Lambert, a criminology lecturer at London Met and a counter-terrorism expert, was asked by leading French news magazine Le Point about the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy, and what approach the French government should now take.

“Resist new legislation unless it clearly assists the investigation of suspected terrorists and the prevention of further attacks,” advises Robert. “Resist temptation to investigate all individuals who hold non-violent but 'extremist' views - concentrate instead on 'extremists' who expressly or tacitly support or endorse terrorism.”

Robert also highlighted the need to increase trust among communities, in line with the inclusive policing ethos of the University’s John Grieve Centre for Policing and Community Safety.

“The work of brave Muslims (police officer Ahmed, killed outside Charlie Hebdo office; and shopworker saving lives in Kosher Hypermarket attack) should be highlighted and recognized,” he added.

For the full interview please visit Le Point’s website.

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