London Met hosts German themed LGBT History Month Events

London Met hosted two LGBT History Month events with a German theme - in association with Camden LGBT Forum - in February.

The events resonated strongly with the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities strong interests in diverstiy and equality. The events coincided with the launch of the University's new MSc in Social Policy and MSc in Social Policy and Evaluation.

The event included:

When Girls were Boys and Women were Men: Queer Lesbian Masculinities in Gay Berlin 1919-1933

With a long-standing gay community, Berlin provided fertile ground for the emergence of a thriving lesbian subculture. Feminist historian Valerie Remy illustrates how some lesbians went further, openly identifying as transvestites, and in a few cases transitioning to become men.

An Evening for Magnus Hirschfeld

The German-Jewish sexologist and gay activist Magnus Hirschfeld (1868-1935) was the founder of the LGBT movement and its central figure during its First Wave between 1897 and 1933. In celebration of his life and work we present a screening of Rosa von Praunheim’s biopic The Einstein of Sex (1999) staring Friedal von Wangenheim in the title role. Includes an introduction by Valerie Remy.

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