London Met launches employability initiative

London Met FUTURE aims to raise awareness of enterprise and its importance in today’s job market.

Date: 17 December 2014

The Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing has recently launched London Met FUTURE, a student enterprise and employability initiative aimed at enhancing students' transferable skills.

London Met FUTURE will organise events, workshops and competitions to raise awareness of the importance of enterprise in today’s job market and help students develop the skills and knowledge to excel in the graduate market.

Gabriele Butkute, London Met’s intern in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing, said: “There are many articles and resources one can read about setting up a business while at university, but there is nothing better than hearing it from the people who have done it themselves.

“London Met has a lot to offer to students who are interested in starting up a business, but also to those who might not be sure yet, but would like to develop employability skills.”

FUTURE’s official launch took place on 11 December, during which Nick Gardiner, student enterprise coordinator, introduced the initiative.

The launch was also attended by Simon Boot, Student Enterprise Manager at the Accelerator, London Met’s own business incubator, who provided information about the Hatchery - the business start-up programme offering London Met graduates unparalleled enterprises opportunities.

Ayden Kappo-Hector and Jasmine Holland, London Met graduates and founders of Melting Pot, a catering business, spoke at the launch about the invaluable help they received at London Met and throughout the Accelerator programme.

The Accelerator has helped launched many successful student led enterprises. Among them is Arctic Power Berries, founded by Eveliina Suoyrjo and Anna Ojutkangas, third year students at London Met.
The event was a great success and received a lot of positive feedback from students.


You can follow London Met FUTURE on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out their webpage or email for any enquiries.

Group shot at London Met FUTURE launch