London Met freedom fundraisers do us proud

Students from London Metropolitan University were invited to Amnesty International’s Headquarters where they were awarded for being the 2014-15 highest fundraising university.

Date: 13/11/2015

Students from London Metropolitan University were invited to Amnesty International’s Headquarters on Saturday, 7 November 2015, where they were awarded for being the 2014-15 highest fundraising university. This is the second consecutive year that the University has won a national challenge against other universities. For 2015-16, they have their sights on a new charity to fundraise, generate awareness and of course to win!  
Why Amnesty? 
Students took part in the Amnesty Raise Off Challenge, which raises awareness about the protection of human rights across the world, exposing human rights abuses and, helping to transform societies to create a safer world. This was also close to the diverse student body at London Metropolitan University as many can relate or empathise with this cause.   
The London Met Freedom Fundraisers raised £3,436.52, the highest amount against other universities across London and UK regions that took part and were named the "Raise Off Winners of 2014-15 challenge".
How they did it? 
With the support of the core London Met Freedom Fundraiser mentors: Tahera Huda, Nick Francis, Shaida Parvin, Tahayra Chowdhury, Anup Mistry, Fatima Adil, Kyle Dougherty and Hasnai Benkacem. The team kicked-off the fundraising with a series of fun themed events linking to key calendar dates such as cake sales for Christmas and Valentine’s day, as well as henna tattoo themed around International Women’s Day and a creative writing competition "write for rights". The fundraising team also did their bit for our annual green week where they set up the tower run challenge, students and staff took part in completing the thirteen floor run under three minutes.
The team ended their raise off efforts with a major entertainment event "Live at the Catwalk Variety Entertainment Show" which featured stand-up comedy, a fashion show to reach the impressive fundraising total. "Live at the catwalk" was a real showstopper event; students, local businesses and talented artists and comedians came together to fundraise for a worthy cause. The night was filled with talent, raffle prizes and fun. 
"This has been an amazing journey and the stakes are raised once more for next year’s fundraising challenge, bring it on!" Tahera Huda – Placements and Employability Unit
It's a great honour to have been awarded with yet another highest fundraisers win, especially knowing we were up against teams who have been entering this competition for years, running incredible events and raising impressive amounts of money. 
Nick Francis, a Film and Broadcast Production student said "Credit where it is due to the entire team, and to everyone who helped on a small and large scale, our win was without a doubt an impressive collective effort. I don't think we would have done it so efficiently had we not worked with staff and students across the faculties. It felt great to have been in a position where the opportunity was available, and projects like this provide exactly that.” 
Richard Glynn Community Fundraising Coordinator at Amnesty International said "I am extremely impressed with the London Met Freedom Fundraisers not just because of the amount of money they raised but also with the wide variety of original and exciting fundraising events they organised to raise it. They have demonstrated exceptional organisational and teamwork skills to pull them off. Fundraising is vital for an organisation like Amnesty so we owe the Freedom Fundraisers a massive thank you!” 
Want to join the fundraising team 2015-16? 
Get involved by contributing to a great cause as well as:
  • being part of a nationally recognised competition 
  • coordinating fun events and activities 
  • adding value to your CV
For more information and to get involved, contact Tahera Huda at 020 7320 1531 or via email at
From left: (Tahera Huda, Nick Francis, Shaida Parvin, Anup Minstry and Richard Flynn)