London Met awarded for excellent student guidance

London Metropolitan University has won a nationally recognised award for excellent deliverance of information, advice and guidance.

Date: 7 June 2016

London Metropolitan University has been recognised for its excellence in student services with a globally recognised award.

The Matrix Standard is an internationally recognised accreditation which awards excellent deliverance of information, advice and guidance for students.

London Met’s Student Services and Students’ Union have won the award after embarking on a nine month journey to assess the way in which the University delivers information to students.

“The Student Services and Students’ Union evidenced the high quality information, advice and guidance they provide to the students, staff and external partners,” says Hayriye Mehmet, Director of Student Services at London Met.

“This is a great achievement for the department and well deserved.”

Victor Campbell-MacDonald, Advice, Information and Funding Team and one of the champions, said: “We are here to produce the best possible service to students.

“The Matrix Standard is all about student outcomes and measuring London Met’s level of success.”

Seven members of staff at the University were trained as champions during the assessment process. Alison Street, from the Careers and Employability Team; Carol Sperring, from the Reception team; Ewan Borthwick, Accommodation Bureau; James Lewis, Counselling Team; Amrit Kaur, from the Students’ Union; Victor Campbell-MacDonald, from Advice, Information and Funding; and Thomas Crawshaw, Disability and Dyslexia, were all selected.

The team met every fortnight to discuss strengths and weaknesses of London Met’s service to students and acted on making improvements with the focus of student outcomes in mind.

Carol Sperring said: “It was nice for us all to work together towards a common goal, especially because we don’t normally work in the same team. There was a feeling of unanimity.”

The champions were trained over a period of nine months where they were taught to evaluate what success is and self-assess the way in which the University delivers services to students.

External assessor, Andy Richardson, evaluated the University by speaking to 25 staff members, 30 students as well as six internal and external partners. They discussed what works well and where improvement is needed.

The accreditation comes as part of the University’s 2015-20 Strategic Plan; one of the goals of which is improving Student Outcomes.

The Matrix Standard will be valid for three years before it is renewed.