London Met academic appointed as joint Editor-In-Chief of new international journal

The open access publication will be available worldwide and aims to showcase the latest work into Corporate Social Responsibility.

Date: 16 August 2016

A London Metropolitan University senior lecturer has been appointed as joint Editor-In-Chief for the International Journal of Corporate Social Responsibility (JCSR).

Samuel Idowu, senior lecturer in BA Accounting and Finance, will co-edit the journal with René Schmidpeter, chair for International Business Ethics at Cologne Business School.

The JCSR evaluates the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility; a business approach which contributes to sustainable development, using peer reviewed work from around the globe.

“There is no globally recognised definition for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The journal has been published as a response to the need to continue to advance knowledge in the field of CSR and its related disciplines,” said Samuel.

“There is a general consensus and understanding that CSR is about finding solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges that could hold us back in meeting the needs of current and future generations.

“It is about everyone, both corporate and individual citizens of the world, behaving responsibly in all areas of human existence. It is hoped that the JCSR will unify the good works academics and practitioners are doing to sustain our world.”

The JCSR is a platform for the latest theoretical and empirical research and showcases innovative concepts for sustainable business strategies. The journal ultimately aims to make theories easily accessible to academics and students.

Samuel has edited several other books in CSR and is the editor-in-chief of the Encyclopaedia or Corporate Social Responsibility and Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility.