Liz Davies chaired Whistleblower's meeting at House of Commons

Date: 21/07/2015

The Whistleblowers meeting was attended by 150 people and addressed by Jess Phillips MP and BSc Social Work lecturer at London Met, Nora Duckett, and other whistleblowers.

At the same time there was a meeting about why certain politicians have not been prosecuted for child abuse and this took place as Simon Danczuk was raising questions about Janner in the House of Commons.

At a two hour meeting, 450 people was addressed by various MPs including John Mann, Sarah Champion, Nadine Dorries, Jess Phillips, Lisa Cameron and others. Michael Mansfield QC and Sam Stein from Mansfield Chambers spoke about their work with WhiteFlowers (pro bono) in relation to the National Inquiry.

Many survivors presented their views and the meeting was naturally emotive. Counsellors were available for support.

Liz Davies