Land of Fibs

A feast of Theatre and Performance graduation work at the Cass Theatre Arts Festival 2019

Date: 24 April 2019

Land of Fibs , the Cass Theatre Arts Festival 2019, is an annual showcase of graduation work by students on the school's BA Theatre and Performance Practice course taking place at Canada Water Theatre between the 15 - 18 May.

No truth goes unpunished in the Land of Fibs. Join its inhabitants as they take over Canada Water Theatre,Library and Lake, to lead you on an unexpected journey of trickery and deceit. From performances, to film and multimedia artworks, dare to follow the minds of young creatives as they imagine a land where reality is flimsy and lies are the order of the day. Now in its third edition, the Cass Theatre Arts Festival showcases fresh new talent in the fields of performance and film making, new writing and interactive art.

Land of Fibs marks the start of The Cass’s summer show season, which will also include a fashion show on the 6 June and a major art, architecture and design exhibition from the 20-30 June.

Land of Fibs runs from 15 May - 18 May at Canada Water Theatre. Tickets are £5 and can be booked at the theatre's website here.

woman's face on tv news with caption theatre arts is taking over

Event details

Date Wednesday 15 May to Saturday 18 May
Location Canada Water Theatre
Join In  @landoffibs @thecassart