Journalism students score big at annual Magazine Awards

Journalism BA students came together at their end of year awards ceremony to celebrate the best student magazines as part of their Creating Packages module.

Date: 22 May 2019

Journalism BA students toasted each other’s successes at the annual ‘London Met Magazine Awards’ which is hosted by the School of Computing and Digital Media.

Organised by Wendy Sloane, senior lecturer in Journalism, the awards look at writing content, layout and overall design, consistency and entrepreneurial potential.

This year’s judges include Jess Wood, Fashion Features Director at Marie Claire magazine; Lloyd Bradley, co-founder of Maxim and Big! magazines; Joel Chernin, former Digital Art Director on Hello! Magazine and Simon Boot, Student and Graduate Enterprise Manager at Accelerator, London Met’s specialist business incubator.

Lloyd Bradley commented: "The entries this year were incredible and what I really enjoyed was seeing that each magazine had a different function and the students really understood that and got the balance right.

"Each of the students have a great future ahead of them."

"Each year our submissions get better and better and I am proud to say this year was no different," Wendy commented.

"As part of their studies, our students have to get real-life experience and this task requires them to create printed and online magazines which could realistically be published and sold in the industry. Once again, our students have not disappointed on this and I’m excited to see where the next generation of journalists end up!"

The winners of the 2019 awards are:
Best use of Multimedia
Winner – Bambu
First runner up – Sole
Second runner up – Revival

Best online feature
Winner – Bambu – ‘How to make your home zero-waste
First runner up - Queer London: ‘Are Dildos Just For Studs?' written by Monique Renolds Blanche
Second runner up - Revival: ‘The New Frontier of Tailored Fashion Is in Iraqwritten by Francesca Mazzola

Best statistical piece
Winner – ‘One (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s dinner’ written by Kevin Gassebner, Bambu
First runner-up – ‘Double Minority' written by Monique Reynolds Blanche, Queer London
Second runner up – ‘The Big Trashy Smoke’ written by Kevin Gassebner, Bambu

Best profile piece
Winner – ‘A life without filters: Portrait of Patrician Elkins’ written by Francesca Mazzola, Revival
First runner up – ‘Comedy Animal La Voix’ written by Maria Kalecinska, Queer London
Second runner up – ‘Susanna Michalek, 21-year-old CEO, In Her Shoes’ written by Michalina Cmoch, Sole

Best live event
Winner – ‘The Greatest Artist to Ever Be’ written by Jakub Jozefowicz, Queer London
First runner up – ‘How breathing can help you reduce stress’ written by Tashko Mihaylov, Bambu
Second runner up – ‘The Fabrics Exhibition’ written by Abigail Miller, Sole

Best news feature
Winner – ‘Heels in the life of a 21st century teenager’ written by Michalina Cmoch, Sole
First runner up – ‘Knitting, the newest trend’ written by Maria Azzurra Volpe, Revival
Second runner up – ‘Recycling, the new face of the Paralympic and Games’ written by Camila Gutierrez Navas, Bambu

Best print feature
Winner – ‘Danger of deforestation: How palm oil affects us’ written by Tashko Mihaylov, Bambu
First runner up – ‘How to be Sustainable during the holidays (and everyday life)’ written by Tashko Mihaylov, Bambu
Second runner up – ‘Psychedelic Society: Another Perspective’ written by Francesca Mazzola, Revival

Best brand
Winner – Bambu
First runner up – Sole
Second runner up – Queer London

Best cover
Winner – Sole
First runner up – Queer London 
Second runner up – Bambu

Best magazine design
Winner – Sole
First runner up – Bambu
Second runner up – Revival

Best website design
Winner – Revival
First runner up – Bambu
Second runner up – Sole

Most Commercial Potential
Winner – Bambu
Bambu will receive £250 plus mentoring from Accelerator to launch their idea and start the journey to turn it into a reality.

"We worked really hard on our entry and we feel it will make an impact," commented Kevin Gassebner, editor of Bambu.

Fellow student on the Bambu team, Tashko Mihaylov, added: "Our next step is to polish it up and work with Accelerator to make it a reality."

Photo credit - Holly Allison, a Photojournalism student at London Met


Read the print publications of the 2019 entries: