Introducing Psychology

London Met’s School of Psychology introduces its specialist subjects at a day-long event for local A-level students.

Date: 3 November 2015

London Met’s Schools and Colleges team work closely with our local Higher and Further Education colleges to introduce university level courses and subjects to students to help them understand what they can expect at university and to help them decide where and what they may want to study.

On 4 November 2015 London Met’s School of Psychology, in partnership with our Schools and Colleges team are presenting a series of talks in the Great Hall on each of the areas the school specialises in.

The day will show the broad range of research areas within psychology with talks and activities from different departments. The event aims to show the areas of research available and set the 16-18 year olds up for entry into psychology degrees in the future.

Professor Dominic Palmer-Brown, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Computing, Robin Iwanek, Head of the School of Psychology will welcome the students and introduce the school’s professors who will explain their areas of expertise.

Dr Samantha Banbury will outline her course on feeding and eating disorders, Dr Joanna Pashdag will explain the themes of ‘abnormal’ psychology, the study of what is ‘abnormal’, who gets to decide and the theme of individual differences in psychopathology.

In the afternoon Dr Chris Chandler will address issues of biological psychology focussing, crucially for the audience, on stress and surviving exams. Dr Shara Lochun will round off the event with a murder mystery presentation which highlights her study in cognitive psychology and memory.

Lunch will be provided with an opportunity for the A2 students to meet with current London Met students and teachers to meet London Met staff.

Great hall set up for a conference