Interior Design student wins Design Prize in China

Selena Grasso second year, soon to third year Interior Design student, won the Lotus Prize Design Innovation award 2014.

Date: 13 September 2014

The Hook idea was firstly a response to Selean's studio brief, Shoreditch Vibe where the students researched flexible and nomadic working practices. The Lotus Prize Social innovation award asked for students to design a space or an item that could be placed with a busy piazza that would connect the large office buildings to the people that lived and worked in surrounding areas. This gave Selena an opportunity to resite the cones from Shoreditch into Taskin Square, Hunan, China. Selena is now preparing for the final part of the judging to see who will win the ultimate prize from the 24 awards. She is being flown out to China for her big presentation on the 7th October. We wish her all the best.

Flexible and nomadic working for the community