Insights into higher education policy in the USA

A panel discussion featuring London Met’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Gary Davies explored the latest insight into national policy and operating outlook in the USA.

Date: 19 October 2021

London Met’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Gary Davies, last night took part in international education conference The PIE Live: Student Journey. As part of a panel discussion, the event offered the latest insight into national policy and operating outlook in the USA. 

The expert panel discussed long and short-term changes in US policy, the effects of the Biden administration, and the difficulties posed by Covid to international study.

Asked about the graduate route that has been re-introduced in the UK, which allows students a working visa for two years after they graduate, Gary said, "I’m very glad about this change. It’s an aspect of policy in the UK that makes studying here much more attractive – it took a lot of lobbying for this visa to be re-implemented."

In addition, he spoke about the changing ways in which international students are choosing where to study, saying the offer a university could give was every bit as important as supportive government policy. 

"An institution’s social justice commitments, employment support, civic engagement opportunities and sustainability all factor into a student’s decision about where to study," he said. "The way students choose universities is changing, and what we offer students has to change as a result."

Fellow panellist Chris Connor from the University of Buffalo agreed. He said, "Ultimately if you are relaxing pathways, and opening up opportunities for people to get jobs, the number of people looking to study in a given country shoots up. The more we can do to show that the government is supportive of higher education institutions, the more welcoming we will look. If you look at where we are now compared to a year and a half ago, these are really important considerations for students choosing where to study."

Gary then spoke about the work London Met is doing in the US to engage with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and community colleges. "We focus on promoting London Met’s difference in the UK," he said. "We have growing numbers of full degree students and study abroad students coming here. One appeal the UK has is its easy access to the rest of Europe, which we find is a major draw to US students."

The PIE Live: Student Journey is a dynamic, virtual conference from The PIE News team, offering exceptional learning and global networking opportunities.

It features panel debates exploring the student journey, from next generation marketing and recruitment, remote delivery of education and cyber security, through to student support, mental health and employability; as well as country spotlight panels on the UK, Canada, Australia, China and India, in addition to the USA panel, which London Met was proud to sponsor. 

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