Human Sciences lecturer presents at key pharmaceutical sciences conference

Bruno Da Silva Sil Dos Santos presented his innovative research on skin and nails

Date: 15 November 2019

Bruno Da Silva Sil Dos Santos, a senior lecturer for Pharmaceutical Science BSc and Pharmacology BSc, recently presented his latest research at the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ (APS) annual PharmSci conference, widely regarded as the premier pharmaceutical science event in the UK.

As the co-leader of the APS Skin Forum focus group, Bruno was invited as the ‘Emerging Scientist’ in the field of skin research to give a scientific lecture, titled, Crossing old barriers and printing new ones: Skin, nails and additive manufacturing. Bruno has been the author of several papers on the subject.

The presentation focused on the evolution of Bruno’s work concerning 3D printing and the manufacturing of biological surrogates for pharmaceutical formulation testing, which can be applied to several biomedical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

Bruno said: “I was honoured to be part of the APS PharmSci conference, and found it be extremely appealing, not only to pharmaceutical scientists but also to other multidisciplinary members of the scientific community. The panel for the Skin Forum session was exceptionally well structured, with exciting questions raised in every presentation.”

Bruno Da Silva giving his presentation