Home Works: "An Architecture of Things", AOC

The fifth in a series of lectures titled, "Home Works" co-curated by Robert Mull and Zoë Berman celebrating the work of tutors at The Cass.

An Architecture of Things

“The things that surround us define our relationship with the world and with each other. They provide a context and content for developing buildings that are generous and particular. By presenting recent projects we will explore how the world of things may contribute to the development of new architectures.”  

A lecture by Geoff Shearcroft and Tom Coward / AOC

Some of Europe's best architects run studios and units at The Cass. These architects lecture about their work all over the world but not often enough here at The Cass. The Home Works lectures puts this right and invites you to celebrate and discuss the current work of the following practitioners, chaired by Robert Mull and co-curated with Zoë Berman. 

Lectures from:

  • Florian Beigel and Philip Christou
  • Richard Cottrell
  • Peter St John
  • Geoff Shearcroft and Tom Coward
  • Tony Fretton
  • Stephen Taylor
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News details

Location Central House, 1st floor lecture theatre CE1-16
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF
Date Tuesday, 1 December, 6.30pm

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