Guildhall and Bloomberg Unite

Behind the scenes at Bloomberg

Date: 17/12/2014

Commercial and investment banking master's students assembled at the reception of Bloomberg's London headquarters at City Gate House to take part in a Bloomberg tour. This behind-the-scenes excursion included access to Bloomberg’s research, studio and broadcasting areas.  

Professor Stephen Perkins, dean of the Faculty, took the opportunity to further develop the University’s relationship with Bloomberg and with the tour leader Joe Connolly in the context of the development of the faculty’s personal professional advisor (PPA) roles. These roles enable colleagues in organisations to connect with students from the Faculty, to help bridge the theory-practice gap. Having a contact they can relate to in 'the real world' who is able and willing to help them make sense of it all, would be of much benefit.

The benefit for the PPAs is experience gained in mentoring at a much earlier stage in their professional careers than is the norm, building reflexive skills, and underscoring CPD. Joe was more than happy to be involved and also pleased that the tour was beneficial to students in terms of gaining further insight into a large financial organisation such as Bloomberg.

Bloomberg computer screen