Graduate’s career taking off at one of London’s busiest airports

London Met aviation graduate, Layla Cardoso, is currently working at one of London’s busiest and most dynamic airports, 18 months after graduating.

Date: 17 January 2019

Studying Airline, Airport and Aviation Management BSc at London Metropolitan University gave Layla Cardoso all the skills she needed to progress into a fulfilling career at London City Airport.

Layla, who graduated in 2017, is currently an Aerodrome Operations Stand Planner where her day-to-day responsibilities include managing stand plan operations against potential disruptions, checking weather conditions and foreseeing any potential space constraints. London City Airport is unique in its aircraft sizes and models so Layla has to also manage ramp operations to improve time efficiency and ensuring arrivals and departures are on time.

Layla said: “At London Met I studied various disciplines in the aviation industry, from airlines, airport to the environment and security. The opportunities the University and professors provided me were inspirational. They gave me an opportunity to succeed and priceless time and effort into my studies and career.”

One of Layla’s favourite memories from studying at London Met is having the opportunity to travel to the USA to work alongside professionals in one of the world’s busiest airports. Students on the trip gained experience of seeing first-hand how an airport operates.

The trip to the USA included visiting the Museum of Aviation, which is based at the Warner Robins Airforce Base in Georgia; visiting the Gulfstream manufacturing to tour the G650, the latest private jet; and touring the Kennedy Space Centre.

“Not only were there visits to airlines and airports but industry contacts spoke to me and gave advice on the future,” Layla continued.

“It was inspirational to see the practical side of what I've been studying for the last three years and to see what aviation truly is.”

Layla Cardoso at her graduation ceremony.