Graduate Surgery: alumni share killer folio tips

Calling all final year design students, come along to this great event where we've brought together recent CASS graduates to tell you what those first steps after Uni really feel like.

Date: 22 March 2014

Bring your own folio along (for real show & tell), graduates & students alike, sharing real experience on how to lick it into shape.

Calling all final year design students, come along to this great event where we've brought together recent CASS graduates to tell you what those first steps after Uni really feel like.

Bring along all those questions like: how important is it really to have 3 years experience of this or that when applying for your once in a lifetime opportunity. Share real stories, ask real questions, hear from those who've survived the transition.

We've invited along the following CASS School of Design alumni for a round-table discussion:

James Tattersall CASS Graduate, 2009 BA Furniture & Product Design

James Tattersall produces handmade contemporary furniture from his workshop in East London. His playful exploration into material properties and production processes provide the basis of his work, which in turn, produce pleasingly innovative and workable results. He started his career as an apprentice cabinetmaker, at a bespoke furniture workshop in rural Suffolk. This experience gave him an indispensable knowledge of traditional techniques involved when working with timber. After moving to London to study Furniture & Product Design at the CASS, James set up shop in Hackney designing and making contemporary furniture for domestic and contract clients. Today, his work is sold internationally and has been featured in many publications, including the Sunday Times and Red magazine.

Jess Corteen, CASS Graduate 2008 BA 3D Design (Furniture & Product)

Jess Corteen graduated from the CASS in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in 3D Design, Furniture & Product. After working as a furniture designer and in various resourcing roles, she is currently Project Manager at Conran & Partners, managing licensed design collaborations.

Kerstin Haigh, CASS Graduate 2012 BA Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Arts

What is a life worth living? The need to experience some sort of perfect life is overwhelming, to have an amazing legacy or to fill every moment with excitement is blotting out the precious simplicity of moments that touch our senses, things that used to hold a reverent place. Kerstin creates sculptural objects and precious jewellery to communicate the stories of people and other memories - stories that contain fundamental elements like birth, death, life and love. She instinctively collect materials and thoughts for her work as she goes through the day. The designed world communicates amazing layers of information, history and modernity merge like trophies of our current lives, revealing snapshots of the future. Evidence of an object's experience remain, in the marks and scratches, where it was found, when it was made, what its shape reveals. As makers, we have the power to inject a life story into these new things that we make.

Elisha Francis, CASS Graduate 2013 BA (Hons) Jewellery

Elisha Francis graduated from the CASS in 2013 with First Class Honours in Jewellery Design.  During her final year, Exhibition Practice (taught by Mah Rana), opened up an exciting avenue that would compliment her jewellery design after her studies. In April 2013, her husband Nathan Massiah founded Fresh Laces which is a Sneaker and Lifestyle company, Elisha took on the  role of Events Manager and in under a year, the company has worked with Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge and recently Harvey Nichols, Manchester. This opportunity also allowed her designs to be showcased and sold at these one day pop-up events which has been an exciting experience for her brand Elisha Francis London.  Elisha now works full-time as a Communications and Events Coordinator at the famous Great Western Studios, a creative hub offering studio space to designers and makers. The role involves digital marketing, brand development and coordinating events and exhibitions in their gallery and project space

Johanna Williams CASS Graduate 2009 BA Textile Design for Interiors and Products

Johanna Williams once worked at the Fabric and Furnishings Department at Liberty. Feeling as though she was seeing the same designs over and over again, Johanna joined forces with fellow designer, Jenny Wilson to found Flock, a new way to showcase young and recent graduates’ designs. Johanna will be on the lookout for new designers to join in creating her contemporary collection of furnishing fabrics currently stocked by Liberty and Heals.

Hashmukh Kerai, CASS Graduate 2013 BA Motion Graphics

With a background in Film and Production, Hash followed up his recent years of work in motion graphics and animation. Following his 3 years at the CASS studying Motion Graphics in 2013, Hash went on to start up his very own Digital Design Company. He is now working in the design and advertising industry amongst the best, and has worked with the some of the biggest brands and corporate companies on the market. He has a keen passion for visual imagery, and a major strength in 3D design and animation. Hash is always looking into new technology to better his work and keep on top of new trends, pushing the boundaries of his work.

Christopher Crawford Kelly, CASS Graduate 2013 BA Interior Design & Technology

Christopher graduated from the CASS with a First Class Honours Degree. During his degree, he won the prestigious Royal Society of Arts Student Design Awards for the ‘Circular City’ Category, the Cass Dissertation School Award for Interiors and was one of a select few awarded Best In Show. His work from his Final Major Project was featured in ‘Blueprint’ Magazine. Since graduating, Christopher now works at Gensler, an international Architecture and Design firm with a truly global presence. His focus is in workplace design (particularly the Creative Media and Technology practice area) looking constantly to challenge client’s expectations and industry norms. Attention to detail, feasibility and creativity are the key drivers in every design decision that he makes. 

Gabriella Ramacciotti, CASS Graduate 2012 BA Interior Design & Technology

Gabriella Ramacciotti is employed as designer at Suna Interior Design, an award-winning, London-based boutique interior design consultancy. Specialising in properties for developers and the hospitality industry, Suna Interior Design has a small team of designers who pride themselves on their ability to create unique and striking interiors with personality and flair. Gabriella graduated with a first class degree. While at the CASS, she relished the range of different projects covered by the course. Alongside the valuable technical skills she acquired, the highly conceptual CASS approach allowed her to experiment: to be bold and adventurous with her designs, reflected today in her numerous and diverse schemes at Suna Interior Design. Gabriella's fearless use of colour, quirky touches of humour and meticulous attention to detail result in highly individual, memorable schemes that are a far cry from the more generic product, sometimes associated with show homes. 

Ramona Bittere CASS Graduate 2013 BA Interior Architecture and Design

Ramona has graduated from CASS in 2013, holding the prize for the best portfolio of the year. She later gained the prize for 'Best Overall Drawing and Presentation' at Free Range 2013, Exhibition. 'The Device' Project made it to the finals of 12 best UK designers in 'Janine Sone Young Interior Designer Competition 2013' and was also finalist in the 'Shelter International Architectural Design Competition', Japan. Ramona has exhibited the architectural fairytale model 'The Grimm City' (2012-2013) at The Design Museum, Summer 2013, working with Flea Folly Architects in Germany. She is currently working as freelance interior architect and designer.

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Location: Commercial Road
Event: Showroom/ Parker Gallery
Date: Friday, 21st March 2014
Time: 10am-1pm