Graduate makes his mark in the International Market

Guildhall Graduate shares his thoughts about his time at University

Date: 08/04/2015

Ondrej Mrklas recently graduated in International Business Management. He wanted to share his experiences at University. 

Why did you choose London Met?

When I was working in large American company in Prague, I had no idea how my life will change. Almost five years ago, a work colleague joined the team in Prague, after coming back from London, where he was living for nearly 10 years, and studied on London Met. We became great friends, and he kept persuading me into going abroad and study. This went for half a year, when, finally I got fed up with the routine work and applied for International Business Management on London Met. The field I have chosen as my favourite one, since I had entrepreneurial tendencies even as a kid, and had close relationships with expats working in Prague. 

Why did you choose International Business Management?

I chose this field because I have always had entrepreneurial tendencies even as a kid, and had close relationships with expats working in Prague. Luckily, I was accepted, and no longer than 3 weeks after, I was at the airport with my bags- leaving the old life behind, ready to explore and learn. I was anxious about the whole journey, but it proved to be a great decision, that changed my life entirely. Soon after I started my first set of modules, I knew that the styles and methods of teaching practiced by lecturers will suit my personal style very practical, everything explained on real-life examples exactly as it should be to prepare young man for the hardships of real life situations. I made tons of great friends on London Met, and three of them later becoming my business partners.

After 1.5 years of the course, I have decided to interrupt it and spice things up and take a risk with my friend, whom I met during my studies; we decided to create a company together, and to start a business in Beijing, China. This was so far my greatest experience, and this journey enriched me in so many ways, and it would never happen if I haven't joined London Met. After facing the hardships of real life business, I decided to come back to London to finish my course, as I was quite clear about which modules I need to study to gain necessary knowledge. Recently I am running two companies – one with my partner in China and another one in Singapore (also with a friend I met on London Met). I have travelled whole Asia and I do work that I really enjoy. 

What are you currently doing?  

At present, I am moving to Vietnam, where I will be directing the Czech Industry Company, a project funded by EU and Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Czech republic- designed to help and ease the international business between south East Asia, ASEAN and Europe, as well as still running my other 2 companies with my partners. 

What would you say to current and prospective students at London Met?

London Met has helped and supported me even when I was busy with running both companies. Without the help from my PAA, Etienne Bresch and others, I would not be able to complete the course, so this way I would like to thank everybody for never ending support throughout my studies.

Finally, I would encourage anybody who has any doubts about studying to leave their doubts at home, and come to study and gain necessary knowledge and network needed to succeed in this world. The experience will change you entirely in a positive way.

Ondrej Mrklas