Freedom and Creativity

Professor Robert Mull to speak at symposium at Royal Academy.

Professor Robert Mull, Dean of The Cass, is one of the speakers at Freedom and Creativity, a symposium taking place on Saturday, 28 November at the Royal Academy.

Conceived as part of the RA Architecture and Freedom season, this sold out symposium widens the scope beyond architecture to examine the interfaces between political, philosophical and creative concepts of freedom – manifested through culture.

Amid the ever increasing commoditisation of creativity via the so-called "creative industries", and the near complete pervasiveness of the digital sphere, with its new creative tools and platforms for dissemination and debate, now is the time to reassess our definitions and understandings of creative freedom and artistic autonomy. Critically, do new cultural understandings of freedom force us to reassess political ones? How are the answers to this question impacted by digital mass surveillance by governments and corporations?

Speakers from a range of disciplines, including both practitioners and academics, established and emerging, will consider these interactions, connections, overlaps, disjunctions and their implications for culture and beyond.

Robert will take part in a session called Between freedom and constraint alongside Robert Hewison and Clare Wright. He will reflect in particular on his experiences and thoughts about leading the Free Unit within the Professional Diploma in Architecture course at the faculty. Deborah Saunt of DSDHA who leads Unit 11 on the Diploma is also taking part in the symposium in the "Expanding Production" session.

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28 November, Royal Academy

Full details can be found on the Royal Academy website.