Foodie Founders join enterprise day

A bespoke workshop gave vital insight into marketing, retail and distribution for students and graduates looking at starting their own food or drinks business.

Date: 04 March 2020

Enterprising students and graduates joined together at a free event aimed at Foodie Founder, a day-long workshop at London Met’s Accelerator designed for those looking to start their own food or drinks business.

Successful food entrepreneur Claire Brumby guided the participants through the process of developing a food business with the first-hand knowledge and “battle scars” she has gained from developing her own multi-award-winning premium snacking brand, Scrubby’s Vegetable Crisps. Using her robust experience as a business mentor, Claire facilitated group discussions and activities to give the participants the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary to get their products from the kitchen to the shelves.

Roya and Margrita, both graduates in Food Science, were two of the entrepreneurs who attended to learn more about how to get their product off the ground. Roya, who is developing a range of natural vegan truffles for people living with diabetes, said: “The event was really good. The best part was being introduced to different retailers and online marketing ideas for selling the product.”

Margrita, who is developing edible straws made from food waste, said: “I came to the event to grasp a bit more understanding about the English market because I didn’t really know the distributors, retailers, or anything like that. I definitely found the information useful.”


London Met food entrepreneurs listening to speaker Claire Brumby