Lunchtime talk by Heloise Bergman

Who are you?

Héloïse Bergman is photographer/artist currently based in London. She completed an MA in photography at The Cass, and is now working on several long-term community/documentary projects.

During the past couple of years, she has exhibited by invitation in both the London and New York Photo Festivals. Bergman’s current work, ‘Tā Moko - Modern Māori Warriors’, is presented as a series of staged portraits, accompanied by interviews, documenting the revival of TāMoko, or facial tattoos within New Zealand’s indigenous Māori community. The portraits have been exhibited in four London galleries to date. Recently they featured as 1x1.5 meterprints in London’s Angel (underground) Tube.

Maori man with motorbike
Date Thursday 12 March at 1pm
Location The CASS, Central House in room CE1-19