Cass student artwork on display on Holloway campus

Artwork by Cass students will be displayed in the University's Holloway buildings, enlivening the area and providing inspiration to undergraduates.

London Metropolitan University is exhibiting work by recent graduates from The Cass at prominent locations around the Holloway Road campus.

The move is part of an initiative by the Estates department to brighten and enliven the campus and will also include displays from the institution's archive of past student work.

Works being installed in the first phase are by:

  • Paulina Glimas, Fine Art BA – Romanticism Revisited, ceramic art installation (pictured above) – installed in first-floor corridor, Tower Building, Holloway, purchased under the Vice Chancellor's Art Fund Prize
  • Zoe Ruston, Fine Art BA (Photography), collection of polaroids – to be installed in the first floor, Admin Block, Holloway
  • Andreea Ionasçu, Fine Art BA, concept of infinity and memory monochrome canvas - to be installed and second-floor student lounge, Learning Centre, Holloway
  • Linda le Pard, Textile Design BA, two textile pieces – to be displayed in a cabinet in the Learning Centre

Jerry Woods, Head of Campus Services, who's leading the exhibition programme, said: "Paulina's work has been displayed in a prominent location at the end of a corridor, where from a distance it is hard to discern what you are looking at, but as you get closer you can appreciate the detail in each piece. This work, along with a number of others which are about to be displayed, will be accompanied by information about the work and the students. We hope it will act as an inspiration to our undergraduates."

Image credit: Romanticism Revisited by Paulina Glimas

images of painted ceramic tiles

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