Finance is fun

Field Trip for HRM students

Understanding company accounts is critical to human resource (HR) professionals and an integral part of our postgraduate Human Resource Management (HRM) courses. So, the HRM team arranged a ‘field trip’ to a Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) north London branch event to help our students get to grips with this issue by hearing from finance expert, Angus Farr.

An organisation’s annual accounts are probably the most visible and discussed record of financial performance. Although the prospect of actually ‘reading’ them may make you want to either scream or fall asleep, it’s a useful skill to have. So in this session Angus took our students on a whistle-stop tour of a typical set of accounts, highlighting the basic anatomy and key features, including the numbers an organisation is keen for HR professionals to know about and where to find the numbers they usually aren’t! The focus was on identifying the financial and non-financial information important to HR professionals.

The HRM courses regularly have guest speakers and events to bring practice into the teaching sessions. 

Finance seminar