Fight or Flight? (Resistance vs. Engagement)

Second event in the series Good Deeds, Smallest Evils or Pacts with the Devil? Curated by Luke Cooke-Yarborough and Julika Gittner.

Date: 18 March 2014

You are invited to the second of a series of three workshops investigating how cultural and creative work is tied up in processes of urban regeneration, curated by Luke Cooke-Yarborough and Julika Gittner and hosted by The Cass.

Fight or Flight? (Resistance vs. Engagement) will delve into how urban practitioners from varied disciplines negotiate their professional role in processes of urban change. The session will question if involvement with urban regeneration creates positions of conflict or compromise, how practitioners remain critical and what approaches and strategies for resistance or engagement are used.

The session aims to unpack these approaches, perspectives and tactics, through the experiences of six speakers from the fields of art, architecture, urbanism and theory.


  • Shona Macnaughton – artist
  • Mark Smith – architect and urbanist
  • Henry Posner – Master of Philosophy candidate
  • Tahl Kaminer – writer
  • Neil Gray – writer and filmmaker
  • Assemble – architects collective

The event is free and all are welcome. To be sure of a place please register here.

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Good Deeds... workshop: Instant Community versus Long-term Involvement

Saturday 26th April, 10am-3.30pm

Good deeds… is curated by Luke Cooke-Yarborough and Julika Gittner supported by Cambridge Design Research Studio (University of Cambridge). The venue and some enthusiastic encouragement is provided by The Cass.

Image : 'Toward MediaCityUK' (2013) Shona Macnaughton. Created as part of The Other Forecast project

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Venue: 4th Floor, Central House