FACE appoints London Met Deputy Vice-Chancellor as external strategy advisor

Professor Julie Hall announces her involvement with FACE, not-for profit aiming to embed culture and diverse perspectives into the curriculum

Date: 05 April 2024

London Met’s Professor Julie Hall has been appointed external advisor to Fashion Academics Creating Equality (FACE), an organisation dedicated to broadening the range of voices included in the curriculum. The Deputy VC’s role will be to support the organisation and work alongside other academics across the country to achieve shared aims.

Launched in summer 2020, FACE is a not-for profit organisation that demands acknowledgement of the contribution of Black culture and creativity not only to fashion and the arts, but also to history and society more broadly.

A professor of Higher Education, Julie's background is in sociology with a particular interest in inclusive teaching and learning, for which she was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2014. Julie is former Chair of The Staff and Educational Development Association, an organisation set up by people working in universities to bring new ideas to teaching and learning and professionalise that work. She has wide experience of governance having sat on Boards that span Further Education, Health and Cultural Industries. Her expertise makes her an excellent fit for the external advisory position.

Professor Hall, remarked: “I’m honoured to have been asked to support the organisation, and look forward to working with academics across the country in this important area. I’ll also be looking to bring FACE contacts to London Met, which will help to keep the conversation going. It will expand the network of people dedicated to diversifying education to include a more accurate view of history.”

With the addition of Professor Hall, FACE plans to tackle areas of policy that can facilitate meaningful changes to the curriculum, to better reflect cultural contributions and challenge Higher Education and Industry in Art and Design fields to be more inclusive, unified and equitable.

FACE (Fashion Academics Creating Equality) co-founder Sharon Lloyd, Senior Academic, Fashion Industry EDI Lead, Champion, and Consultant, commented: “FACE is dedicated to catalysing transformation within Higher Education Arts and Design fields, and the creative industries. Our mission is to champion equity, inclusivity and unity, with a specific focus on addressing issues related to race, colour, and ethnicity.

“Our work is driven by the belief that the intersection of the creative industries and academia is a powerful force for positive change. We are thrilled to announce the new appointment of Prof. Julie Hall to our growing team of FACE strategists, it’s a pleasure and we look forward to working with her in this capacity.”

FACE’s mission and purpose is to assess and enhance the holistic experience within UK Higher Education Institutions, focusing on staff and student Recruitment, Progression, Curriculum, Culture and latterly Policy. Guided by a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equality, it aims to action positive and lasting change in the following key areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Progression
  • Curriculum (Unbiased and Decolonised)
  • Culture
  • Policy

For more information and to read FACE’s full manifesto on the website.

Portrait of Professor Julie Hall, London Met deputy vice chancellor

Professor Julie Hall