Fabric of the City - Symposium and exhibition

The Symposium and exhibition will display and consider the work of contemporary textile and fashion designers, showcasing the practice of designers continuing to work in the city

A major exhibition in the Bank Gallery of contemporary textile design celebrates the legacy of the Huguenot Weavers in Spitalfields.

Inspired by the rich history of the Huguenots, many of whom settled in and around east London, the exhibition will form part of the ‘Huguenot Summer 2015’, a festival organised by the Huguenots of Spitalfields. The exhibition forms part of a broader project at The Cass exploring the work of Huguenots and ‘making’ in the city. 

During the exhibition there will be a number of exhibitions workshops and talks to enjoy. These will include a Fabric of the City Symposium at The Cass, on 14 July. 

Speakers for the symposium:
Olivia Horsfall Turner and Lina Hakim, Victoria and Albert Museum
Fabricating a Model for Textile Research: the VARI Pilot Project and the Leman Album
Debra Roberts, Bradford College of Design
Upcycling in the 18 th Century with Refashioned Garments
Gavin Fry, Brighton University
Stranger and Less Quantifiable Processes
Hannah Maughan and Sally-Ann Gill, Falmouth University
Making: Archives – an investigation into the creative use of archives within the University context
Avril Horsford, Independent Writer, Art and Culture
Wardrobe Malfunction:  The cultural popularity of Crimplene and other synthetics fabrics in Caribbean migrant fashion in 1960s Britain
Hannah Lamb, Bradford College of Design
Using Archives Creatively - Chance Encounters in the Archives
Claire Pajaczkowska, Royal College of Art
Huguenots exiled from La Rochelle and the Revolution in Textile Thinking
Elli Michaela Young, PhD student, University of Brighton
Fashioning Jamaica 1950-1975
Charlotte Drew, Curator and Consultant
The Cutting Edge: Contemporary textile collaborations 
List of exhibitors:
14 July, 10am to 5pm
CE1-16, Central House
10 - 31 July
Monday to Saturday - 12-4 pm
Thursdays - 12-8pm
The Bank Gallery, Central House

For further details, please contact: g.pierce@londonmet.ac.uk


News details

Symposium 14 July 2015, 10am to 5pm
Location CE1-16, Central House
Buy Tickets £20, concessions £7
Exhibition 10 - 31 July 2015
Location The Bank Gallery, Central House

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