Exploring Swiss design classics

London Met academics will take part in a fringe event for the Design History Society annual conference.

Date: 27 August 2021

A group of academics from London Met’s School of Art, Architecture and Design are set to explore Swiss design classics in a series of micro-talks, as part of a fringe event for the Design History Society annual conference.

Taking part in these micro-talks, which will be screened via Facebook and Instagram Live during the conference, are:

  • Harriet McKay, senior lecturer and outreach coordinator for the Design History Society, on Toblerone and fondue-making;
  • Theodora Alfredsdottir, associate lecturer in interiors and freelance designer, on Victorinox, best known for their luxury watches and Swiss army knives;
  • Ajay Hothi, senior lecturer in critical and contextual studies, discussing the font Helvetica;
  • And Louis Cohen, incoming associate lecturer in interiors, discussing the use of Swiss stationery brand Caran D'Ache products for animation.

The conference is being hosted by the FHNWA Academy of Art and Design Basel, and takes place from 2-4 September.

This year, it focuses on memory. It will raise and explore questions on how the memory of design can be interpreted, shared, mined, or performed; to what extent history writing can be compared to a design project; and how long do narrations remain functional before they need to be patched with new data?

The conference will welcome historic, contemporary and interdisciplinary approaches to the topic and will feature contributions from design historians, and students and scholars in related fields; as well as writers, practitioners, educators, museum professionals, and activists who engage with design history.