Exploring cross-cultural diversity in leadership styles

Professor of Organisational Leadership, Doris Schedlitzski, was part of an expert panel exploring diversity of leadership styles in an increasingly connected world.

Date: 4 August 2021

London Met’s Professor Doris Schedlitzki recently spoke at an international symposium exploring cross-cultural diversity in leadership styles.

As part of a panel of experts, Professor Schedlitzski explored how we can recognise diversity in leadership styles within our globalising society, and ensure we do not neglect the linguistic, cultural and individual differences in our daily lives; and how we can recognise such diversity in meaningful ways, beyond a superficial celebration of the diversity of leaders and oversimplified and stereotyped images of leaders and leadership.

This symposium, hosted by the Institute for Global Leadership at Japan’s Ochanomizu University, took place in June this year. It provided a forum to discuss these issues, focusing on cross-cultural diversity in leadership styles. 

Alongside Professor Schedlitzki, an expert in cultural studies of leadership, who joined London Metropolitan University in May 2020 as Professor in Organisational Leadership, were Professor Cecilia Gascon, current President of Bulacan State University and former President of the Southern Luzon State University, who holds more than 10 years of experience as a University President in the Philippines; and Professor Makoto Kobayashi, Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Ochanomizu University.

This symposium constituted part of the Institute's overarching aim to explore a framework for discussing and analysing leadership issues within an Asian context, by bringing together insights on female leadership research and practice from Asia as well as elsewhere.

University building in Japan with a tree outside

Pictured: Ochanomizu University