Evaluating the effectiveness of mentoring teachers of young children in early year education

New research, in collaboration with Shippensburg University, to look into the role of mentoring teachers of young children.

Date: 6 July 2017

New research from the School of Social Professions is expected to explore mentoring in teachers of early years children.

Led by Berhane Dory, Principal Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, and in collaboration with Dr Becky Blahus at Shippensburg University, the research compares the role of mentors in supporting students at placement within Early Childhood studies course and at Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania.

“Becky and I have discussed how mentors and visiting tutors work together to support students,” said Berhane.

“After our discussion, Becky commented on the importance of involving students in the assessment process as students are given opportunities to reflect on the assessment and feedback given by mentor/visiting tutor.”

The research was carried out using partner nurseries and primary schools; Grazebrook Primary School, Abbey Children’s Centre and Grafton School.

The findings of the research are due to be published later this year and will evaluate the effectiveness of young children being mentored. The study has been funded by Dr Blahus.

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