Employment Equality and Diversity Management in a Russian Context

Fiona Colgan and Aidan McKearney of the Faculty of Business and Law have co-written a book chapter on 'Employment Equality and Diversity Management in a Russian Context'

Date: 01/06/2014

Fiona Colgan and Aidan McKearney have co-written a book chapter on "Employment Equality and Diversity Management in a Russian Context" with Elena Bokovikova at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia and Professor Sofya Kosheleva and Professor Elena Zavyalova at the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University.

Russia’s unique history, diverse population, fast growing economy and increasing penetration by multinational companies (MNCS) over the last two decades make it a fascinating example of a transitional economy. Much western research on human resource management (HRM) in Russia has focused on the consequences of economic liberalisation and the diffusion of western-style HRM via MNCs. However, little attention has been paid to diversity management so this book chapter addresses a gap in a very current and topical area.

The research is the product of a collaboration between two Russian authors living in Russia (Kosheleva and Zavyalova), one Russian author living in the UK (Bokovikova) and two Irish authors living in the UK (Colgan and McKearney). This collaboration facilitated the exploration of common and differing perspectives on equality and diversity in order to provide a contextualised perception of diversity management in Russia drawing as appropriate on Russian and western insights, debates and expertise.

The book chapter provides a background to Russian employment equality legislation and recent diversity issues and initiatives. Its final section introduces findings from a study of HRM managers working in large indigenous Russian companies and foreign MNCs (being undertaken by Fiona Colgan, Rick Layden and Aidan McKearney). This interview programme was arranged with the assistance of Elena Zoubkova, vice rector and Dr Maria Safonova, MIRBIS Business University, Moscow. MIRBIS and London Metropolitan University have a close and long standing relationship over the last twenty years. Students at MIRBIS can study a London Met franchised MA in Human Resource Strategies and an MBA programme. Currently, the Guildhall School of Business and Law and MIRBIS are working to put in place a CIPD accredited MA in HRM to be delivered at MIRBIS in Moscow. 

The International Handbook On Diversity Management At Work was published on 30 May 2014. It is edited by Alain Klarsfeld, professor, Toulouse Business School, University of Toulouse, France, Lize A.E. Booysen, Faculty PhD in Leadership and Change, Antioch University, US, Eddy Ng, associate professor of organisational behaviour, Dalhousie University, Canada, Ian Roper, Middlesex University Business School, UK and Ahu Tatli, lecturer in international human resource management, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.

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